Travel Protection and Travel Insurance Claim Process Check Details

When you are on vacation-or even before-disaster strikes you, you probably will have to make a travel insurance claim. Especially you already are in crisis, so it may be a difficult process. So here we have a travel insurance with Money Supermarket claims to show how to put a step by step guide.

Pack your document
Take your insurance documents with you on vacation is important so that you have all the relevant information on hand. In the event of a claim, in addition to your policy number claims will require the contact details of the line. Most insurance companies you can call from abroad a 24-hour emergency assistance service.

Call your insurance company immediately
If you feel that you have travel insurance you will need to submit a claim, you should contact your insurance company directly. There is a time limit of 31 days often, but it's always immediately, just in case it is best to take action. Even if you are abroad you need therapy, while treatment before your insurance company will need to seek authorization may remember.
When you contact the claims handler or insurance company, you have to give some details of the incident. You will be sent a claim form to complete. These days, you also often have a claim form can be downloaded from the insurer's website.

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Contact the police
Anyone who is a victim of theft or other crimes, they are on vacation, while police, preferably should contact within 24 hours of the event. They catch the thief or theft may not be able to recover stuff, but your insurance company to pursue claims of a police report or crime reference number will almost certainly request.

Supply of evidence
To support his claim the insurer will want evidence. If you cancel your holiday because of ill health, for example, your GP will have to complete a medical form. And your personal belongings are lost or stolen, you are receipts as proof of value and ownership may need to supply.
Lost baggage is a common problem. This happens to you; make sure you have a "property irregularity form ' at the airport.

Tell the truth
Don't be tempted to fake insurance claims. It pushes the entire premium for a victimless crime as it finally. It is also a criminal offence and you could land in a lot of trouble.

Stick to your limits
Only pay out your policy in the event of a claim-up to a certain amount and can vary according to the type of the volume. For example, you have a lot more stuff for medical treatment may be able to claim for comparison. All details of the claim limitations you should be in the policy schedule.
Don't forget the policy exclusion. If you find yourself drunk or engaging in a dangerous game while injured, for example, you may not be covered.

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Additional note

In addition to the amount paid for each claim on the part of the policy to have. Therefore, additional claims for 100 pounds and £ 500, then the insurance company will pay £ 400.


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